Colorectal Cancer Control Program

The Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) is a five-year program funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is collaborating with regional Tribal health organizations to increase screening by 10% annually at their clinics, with the ultimate goal of decreasing the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer (CRC) among Alaska Native people.

The program focuses on increasing evidence-based interventions to improve colorectal cancer screening, including the use of client and provider reminders, provider assessment and feedback, as well as reducing structural barriers and increasing use of patient navigation and small media. The program uses a community of practice model to share best practices and provide support for screening improvements.

Did You Know?

First-degree relatives (parents, siblings, children) of persons diagnosed with colorectal cancer are at increased risk of colorectal cancer.

People are more likely to get screened if they hear a strong recommendation from their healthcare provider. The Alaska Native Medical Center recommends that Alaska Native people begin screening at age 40.

Community Education

Colorectal cancer is cancer that grows in the colon (large intestine) or the rectum. Screening helps your provider find and remove polyps before they turn cancerous, or catch cancer at an early stage when it’s highly treatable. Alaska Native people who are 40 years old and older or who have a family history of colorectal cancer are encouraged to talk with their health care provider or local tribal health organization about getting colorectal cancer screenings.

Education Materials

We offer a wide array of education materials including YouTube videos, brochures, flyers, posters, etc. If you are interested in any of our materials, please contact the ANTHC Cancer Program at

Nolan the Inflatable Colon

Nolan the Colon is a giant inflatable walk-through replica of the human colon that illustrates the development of colorectal cancer, with preventive information. Nolan the Colon has traveled to over 30 communities. Contact the ANTHC Cancer Program at if you would like Nolan to visit your community.

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